Membership fee

The Statutes of the Association of Youth Hostels in Hungary give a detailed description of the aims of the Association, among which the interest representation of youth hostels operating in Hungary and their operating institutions (hereinafter together: institutions) is outstanding, the establishment of the resolution on economic, financial and legal issues affecting the institutions and its validation .
However, the effective implementation of this main objective cannot be imagined without the consent of the federal members.
The purpose of this policy is to record the principles and practical implementation of the membership fee.

1. Membership fee payers

The Association’s Charter recognizes the following membership forms:

  • Ordinary member
  • Supporting member
  • Custom member
  • Honorary member.

Except for the supporting member, our members pay the membership fee in the manner specified in Section 4 of these Rules.

2. Principles of membership fee payment

The Association shall incur expenses in the performance of its functions as defined in the Statutes. Such expenditures (for example, without completeness):

  • the membership fee payable to the international association;
  • office operating costs (rent, energy, paper, maintenance,);
  • the wages and contributions of the staff of the office;
  • communication costs (telephone, fax, post),
  • the cost of attending professional conferences.

The membership fee function is to cover these fixed costs, that is, the membership fee to the Association must cover the fixed expenses.

The membership fee is paid according to the following principles:

  • Contribution principle: All members of the Alliance must contribute to the costs of achieving the common goals in accordance with the statutes.
  • Differentiation principle: which applies to the membership fees of our regular members, according to which the membership fee should be based on the potential of the region and the goals of the Alliance.

Due to the different regions, their geographical location, their income-generating potential and their role in tourism vary considerably. These differences should also be expressed in terms of membership fees.
Based on the above principles, regions should be classified into the following groups for the purpose of paying membership fees:

  • general,
  • developing,,
  • priority.

The classification of regions is given in Annex 1.

3. Rate of membership fee

Pursuant to the Association’s statutes, the General Assembly has exclusive competence to adopt the membership card or membership fee rules. Accordingly, in the case of a regular member, the membership fee and the minimum and maximum limits are set out in Annex 2 to these Rules.

In the case of our supporting members, the membership fee is included in the grant agreement. In the period between the two General Meetings, the Bureau is entitled to conclude a grant agreement on behalf of the Association. The Bureau is obliged to provide information on the concluded contracts at the next General Meeting.

In the case of individual members, the membership fee is paid by purchasing a membership card entitling to youth hostels. The amount of the membership fee paid in this way is contained in Annex 3 to these Rules.

Our honorary members are not required to pay membership fees.

4. Order of the membership fee

In the case of our regular members, the Association provides for the payment of the membership fee as follows:

  • the membership fee must be paid for the current year by 15 October of the previous year;
  • Failure to pay the membership fee or the paid financial support for more than 3 months will result in automatic termination of the federal membership.

If the membership fee is not received by the Association by October 15, the Bureau has the following tasks:

  • It draws the attention of the head of the youth hostel and the company operating it in a verifiable way to the lack of attention.
  • If the amount does not arrive in the Association’s account by November 15, it will again draw attention to the backlog and the termination of the federal membership by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
  • If the membership fee does not arrive by December 15th, it will perform the administrative tasks associated with the termination of membership.

In the case of individual members, the membership fee is paid by purchasing a membership card entitling to youth hostels.

Seller of the membership card – which can be a regular member, ie accommodation; or other vendor, e.g. travel agency, HÖK, etc. – the member card is entitled to the commission determined by the general meeting after the sale. Other information and rules for member card vendors are contained in the Membership Card Sales Agreement (Order Agreement).

1. Annex – Classification of Territorial Organizations (Regions)

CategoryName of region
General region Dél-Dunántúl
  Tisza tó
Developing region Észak-Alföld
Featured region Budapest és Közép-Dunavidék

2. Appendix – Membership Fee for our regular members

General region membership fee Annual amount (Ft)
all year round accommodation 1.240 Ft / bed
seasonal accommodation 360 Ft / bed
minimum limit 40.000 Ft
maximum limit 260.000 Ft
Membership fee for developing region Annual amount (Ft)
all year round accommodation  1.040 Ft / bed
seasonal accommodation   300 Ft / bed
minimum limit   40.000 Ft
maximum limit   190.000 Ft
Membership fee for priority region Annual amount (Ft)
all year round accommodation 1.480 Ft / bed
seasonal accommodation  420 Ft / bed
minimum limit  40.000 Ft
maximum limit  500.000 Ft

3 Appendix – Membership Fee for Individual Members

Annual amount (price of the youth hostel card): 2.300, – Ft

Budapest, 2017 Március 10.